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AccuFeed Screw Feeders offer significantly reduced cost and off-the-shelf delivery in a design that delivers unsurpassed feed accuracy and dependability with rates up to 600 cubic feet per hour. These high technology feeders use composite materials of construction in molded components for extreme strength and durability. Contact parts are polyethylene and stainless steel for excellent chemical resistance. Materials meet FDA requirements, and the design is USDA approved.


Click the Play Button btn_play in the center of the video to view.


Click the Play Button btn_play in the center of the video to view.


Standard AccuFeed Specifications:
Sizes:(Inches): 3/4, 1, 1 1/2, 2, 3, 4, 6.
Sizes: (mm):19.05, 25.4, 38.1, 50.8, 76.2, 101.6, 152.4
Contact Materials:(A) Polyethylene
(B) Stainless steel
External Construction:(A) Carbon steel
Coatings:(A) Standard external-enamel
(B) Optional external-epoxy
Drives:(A) DC or AC TEFC with reducer 115/1/60, 230 or 460/3/60
(B) Explosion proof
Sanitary Applications:(A) Food grade gaskets and seals
(B) Guards, covers held with hand fasteners



AccuFeed Low-Rate Screw Feeder
AF-C-17687B1/2″-2″ AccuFeed with hopperPDFDWG
AF-C-17687C1/2″-2″ AccuFeed with trough cover, no hopperPDFDWG
AF-C-180683″-6″ AccuFeed with hopper and coverPDFDWG
AF-C-180743″-6″ AccuFeed with trough cover, no hopperPDFDWG


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Download Properties of Solids Brochure

All material handling systems begin with a thorough review of the particulate solid(s) being handled or processed. Once the flow properties of a solid are quantified, flow problems that occur with a given material can be predicted and handled, preferably in the initial design stage. Understanding a material’s characteristics and how to apply these properties is essential for a safe, efficient and trouble free system.