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Gain-In-Weight Batching is a cost effective method of weighing since it requires only one or two scale systems for a number of ingredients. Batch sizes can range from grams to several hundred pounds. Sophisticated control packages can weigh up to 64 ingredients with up to 255 stored recipes or formulas.

The Vibra Screw approach to batch weighing combines the latest in electronics technology with more than 50 years of experience in handling bulk materials. The result is a carefully engineered total solution for your particular needs, backed by a performance guarantee to insure your complete satisfaction.

Proper batch weighing demands a full understanding of the physical properties of materials and their characteristics in motion. Too often, suppliers are skilled only in the electronics aspect of the system and neglect the material handling consideration or leave it to others. Vibra Screw is unique in the industry, combining its own mechanical and electrical designs.

The Vibra Screw Test Center is fully equipped with all of our many batch weighing products to demonstrate the best individual unit or complete processing system to handle your unique material.

Download Properties of Solids Brochure

All material handling systems begin with a thorough review of the particulate solid(s) being handled or processed. Once the flow properties of a solid are quantified, flow problems that occur with a given material can be predicted and handled, preferably in the initial design stage. Understanding a material’s characteristics and how to apply these properties is essential for a safe, efficient and trouble free system.