Vibra Screw’s line of Vibrating Conveyors offers a simple and efficient means to meter and convey your dry bulk material. These open or enclosed units will handle nearly any material, regardless of size and bulk density in a reliable and economical manner. The key to the line’s success is its low cost, simplicity and efficiency. There are no augers, bearings or seals which can degrade material, leak or require maintenance. Two highly efficient, externally mounted vibrators provide quiet, linear motion to smoothly move your product into process. Vibra Screw Vibrating Conveyors make an excellent alternative to screw and belt feeders and conveyors.




Enclosed Tube ModelCapacity CFHDim. Inches
GA1422/160U4X1206 x 50 x 19
GA2235/200U4X4758 x 80 x 23
GA6350/260U16X85010 x 240 x 36
GA6452/360U25X199514 x 240 x 48
GA6502/400U25X229516 x 240 x 52
Open Trough ModelCapacity CFHDim.Inches
OA500/300U1Y67020 x 12 x 16
OA1000/500U2Y109540 x 20 x 18
OA1250 / 90U4X321349 x 35 x 26
OA1500/900-U6X423759 x 35 x 29
OA1750/900U6X370868 x 35 x 30
OA2000/900U6X310780 x 35 x 30
OA2500/900U6X236698 x 35 x 30
OA3000/900U10X3390117 x 35 x 33
OA4000/1600U35W10240156 x 62 x 43
OA5000/1600U53W11299195 x 156 x 47
OA60001/600U71W12359234 x 156 x 49



Tube/Pan/Screen Feeder
S142Vibrating Tube FeederPDF 
S143Vibrating Pan FeederPDF 
18073Screener (Open Trough Models) Rev. 1PDFDWG
18073AScreener Trough with Cover Rev. 1PDFDWG



Vibrating Tube Feeder / Live Bottom Bin (Bin Activator) Dolomitic Lime (Dolime) Test

2% Moisture added to Dolomitic Limestone. Live Bottom Bin / Tube Feeder Test 2

Case Histories

Pan Feeder
C-237 Seed, PF
C-238 Solvents, PF


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