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Select the tab that has the first letter of the material you are researching the density for. 

MaterialBulk Density
Abrasive Compound1482.37
Abrasive Mix1532.45
Abrasive Wheel Mix1502.4
AC Teat Dust600.96
Acetate Flakes210.34
Acrawax "C"320.51
Acrawax & Carbon Black340.54
Acrylic Concentrate Pellets (1/8")380.61
Acrylic Fibers90.14
Acrylic Pellets (1/8")380.61
Acrylic Resin320.51
Activated Aluminum150.24
Activated Carbon200.32
Adipic Acid400.64
Alfalfa Leaf Meal14.50.23
Alfalfa Meal, Dehydrated 13%16-180.26-0.29
Alfalfa Meal, Dehydrated 17%18-220.29-0.35
Alfalfa Meal, fine ground15-220.24-0.35
Alfalfa Meal, Suncured 13%140.22
Alfalfa Pellets 13%41-430.66-0.69
Alfalfa Pellets 17%41-430.66-0.69
Alfalfa Seed45-480.72-0.77
Alfalfa Stem Meal120.19
Alodine 12005791.27
Alodine No. 41921.47
Alum/Pigment Mix300.48
Alumina & Lime Mix651.04
Alumina Powder180.28
Alumina, Activated480.77
Alumina, Alcan460.74
Alumina, Calcined631.01
Alumina, Corhart831.33
Alumina, FAH-KDH450.72
Alumina, Hydrate681.09
Alumina, Kyanite771.23
Alumina, Metal Grade671.07
Alumina, Precipitator Dust540.86
Alumina, Reacted651.04
Alumina, Sandy600.96
Alumina, Tabular Dust210.34
Aluminum Benzoate110.18
Aluminum Chlorhydrate550.88
Aluminum Chloride510.82
Aluminum Etchant550.88
Aluminum Filament 200X751.2
Aluminum Flake1502.4
Aluminum Fluoride550.88
Aluminum Magnesium Silicate210.34
Aluminum Oxide801.28
Aluminum Oxide, Calcined330.53
Aluminum Powder440.7
Aluminum Silicate330.53
Aluminum Silicate (Catalyst)530.85
Aluminum Sulfate651.04
Aluminum Sulphate, Ground500.8
Aluminum Trihydrate450.72
Aluminum Wire, Chopped350.56
Aluminum  Dross811.3
Ammonium Bromide761.22
Ammonium Chloride380.61
Ammonium Nitrate490.78
Ammonium Nitrate Prills380.61
Ammonium Perchloride620.99
Ammonium Phosphate550.88
Ammonium Sulfate691.11
Amorphous Silica110.18
Anthracite, Powdered350.56
Antimony Oxide440.7
Antioxidant (Granules)410.66
Antioxidant (Powder)280.45
Apple Slices, Dried150.24
Aqua Nuchar100.16
Arizona Road Dust540.86
Arsenic Trioxide410.66
Asbestos Fiber200.32
Asbestos Fiber (Long)160.26
Asbestos Fiber (Short)190.3
Asbestos Fiber 7R150.24
Asbestos Powder280.45
Asbestos Shorts260.42
Ascorbic Acid (Coarse)450.72
Ascorbic Acid (Fine)320.51
Ash, ground1051.68
Ashes, dry loose380.61
Ashes, wet loose470.75
Atrazine (Herbicide)300.48

Download Properties of Solids Brochure

All material handling systems begin with a thorough review of the particulate solid(s) being handled or processed. Once the flow properties of a solid are quantified, flow problems that occur with a given material can be predicted and handled, preferably in the initial design stage. Understanding a material’s characteristics and how to apply these properties is essential for a safe, efficient and trouble free system.