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Bin Activators & Bin Dischargers:

img-Bin-ActivatorDeveloped by Vibra Screw Inc. in 1959, the Bin Activator & Bin Discharger have remained the best solution to bin flow problems. They eliminate bridging and rat holing, reduce particle segregation and promote mass flow.

Bulk Bag Unloaders & Filler:

  • Bulk Bag Unloaders:
    img-Bulk-Bag-UnloaderThe Vibra Screw Bulk Bag Unloader provides a safe, dust-free way to handle and discharge bulk Bags. Models for hoist or fork truck loading and a wide range of options and accessories offered.


  • Bulk Bag Fillers:
    img-Bulk-Bag-FillerVibra Screw Bulk Bag Fillers insure fast, dust free and precise filling of Bulk Bags. Available in fill by weight or volume models.

Vibrating Bins:

  • Live Bottom Bins:
    img-Live-Bottom-BinVibra Screw Live Bottom Bins are integral Bin Activator / Silo systems available in sizes between 3 ft3 and 1200 ft3 (0.084 m3 to 33.9m3).


  • Live Bins:
    img-Live-BinVibra Screw Live Bins are self supported vibrating bins, ideal for sanitary applications. Offered in sizes up to 100 ft3 (2.83 m3).

Volumetric Screw Feeders:

  • Versi Feeder:
    img-Versi-feederThe Vibra Screw Versi Feeder features a modular design enabling a single unit to adapt to the broadest range of feeding applications.


img-AccufeedThe Vibra Screw AccuFeed Screw Feeder is a low cost/quick delivery polyethylene feeder.



img-hd-screw-feedersHeavy Duty Screw Feeders are ruggedly constructed for twenty four hours seven days a week operation high rate feeding.


  • Diatomaceous Earth Feeder:
    img-earth-feederDiatomaceous Earth or D.E. screw feeders qre specifically designed for the demands of feeding light, floodable materials like Diatomaceous Earth.


  • Heavy Duty Metering Conveyor:
    img-metering-conveyorThe Vibra Screw Heavy Duty Metering Conveyor series provide high rate conveying combined with an economical design.

Volumetric Belt Feeders:

  • Model LBB Belt Feeder:
    img-model-live-bottom-binModel LBB (Live Bottom Bin) Belt feeders offer a belt with integral hopper for low rate feeding of waxy and pressure sensitive materials.


img-heavy-duty-belt-feederHD or Heavy Duty Belts are designed for high rate feeding of waxy pressure sensitive materials beneath a Bin Activator.

Weigh Feeders & Batchers:

The Vibra Screw Continuous Or Batch Loss In Weight / Gain-In-Weight systems provide unparalleled versatility and accuracy in handling a broad range of feeding requirements.


Vibrating Conveyors:

  • Electromechanical Feeders:
    img-Vibrating-ConveyorsVibra Screw’s line of Electromechanical pan or tube feeders offer a simple, economical and maintenance free way to convey nearly any material.

Vibrating Screens:

  • Electromechanical Linear Screener:
    img-Vibrating-ScreensThe VSB series of linear vibrating screens can be used for coarse scalping, or dewatering. Units can be modified to suit your special requirements such as high temperature or multiple screen applications.

Spiral Conveyors:


Continuous Blenders:

  • Vibra Blender:
    img-Continuous-blendersUsing a unique combination of a rotating paddles and material fluidization the Vibra Blender permits dry solids to blend with the ease of liquids.

Gravimetric Belt Feeders:

Weightotaler Belt Feeder:
img-Gravimetric-BeltThe Vibra Screw Weight totaler Belt Feeder provides accurate feeding and batching for a variety of materials.

Flexible Conveyors:

  • Flexifeeder:
    img-Flexible-ConveyorsFlexible Screw Conveyors offer a low cost and versatile method to elevate and convey materials.

System Integration:

  • System Integration:
    img-System-Integration-Dry-SolidsFrom mass flow to precision weighing Vibra Screw equipment has been designed specifically to be combined for the most cost effective system for your application.