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Spiral Vibratory Conveyors

Spiral Conveyors

Special spiral elevating conveyors lift materials vertically up to 20 ft (or more when placed one above another) within a very small horizontal area. All vibrating feeder/conveyors are well suited to batching applications due to their characteristic quick cut-off of material flow.

They may be totally enclosed, with doubled conveying windings for the cooling or heating during the elevation process, circulating hot or cold air, hot or cold water. The vibratory drive is a guarantee of long term operations with less maintenance than similar equipment.


How It Works

Elevate material without screws, belts, chains or cables. There are no gears, seals or bearings to maintenance.
A vibrating drive (electromechanical motors with adjustable eccentric weights) accelerates spiral trough structure in the jump direction, gently moving the bulk material forward in tiny jumps (exaggerated in the diagram). The transport process is determined by the frequency and amplitude of vibration (produced by the motors), the angle of impact and the trough inclination. The drive system is selected on the basis of the conveying length, convey rate, the material handling characteristics and any additional functions.

Spiral Conveyors

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Vibra Screw Spiral Conveyor

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