Spiral Elevating Conveyor Handles Hot Catalyst

Totowa, NJ: Vibra Screw, Inc., the industry leader in solids processing and solids handling solutions, is providing a 18′ Spiral Conveyor for the elevated transfer of various hot (~400F) catalysts extrusions coming off a rotary calciner. The heat of the material causes severe maintenance problems when using a bucket elevator, resulting in unacceptable downtime. Vibra Screw’s Spiral Conveyor moves material vertically, solely through the action of twin external vibrators with no internal moving parts. It eliminates the heat related maintenance problems of the bucket elevator with its many parts and also helps cool the material prior to the next process point. This machine is fabricated of 316 stainless steel material contact surface and includes a “High Heat” paint finish on external steel parts. A drain plug is included in the intake trough for easy wash down, which is required after each material change. A successful demonstration in Vibra Screw’s Customer Test Center was instrumental in the purchase of the Spiral Conveyor. After the successful installation and production performance, multiple units will be purchased to replace the existing bucket elevators.