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A line of dependable and economical Bin Dischargers is available to system suppliers and OEM’s from Vibra Screw. Based on over 50 years of bin discharge experience, these units are ruggedly built, simple to install and come with Vibra Screw’s unconditional performance guarantee. The Bin Discharger’s simple, compact design incorporates all of the important features customers have come to expect from Vibra Screw such as a leak proof molded sleeve, heavy duty suspension system and long life vibrator.

Vibra Screw Bin Dischargers are available for quick delivery in both carbon and stainless steel.


Bin Discharger with Pre-assembled Mounting Ring and with Greased Vibrator
17971-SD2′ Bin DischargerPDFDWG
17972-SD3′ Bin DischargerPDFDWG
17973-SD4′ Bin DischargerPDFDWG
17974-SD5′ Bin DischargerPDFDWG
17922-SD6′ Bin DischargerPDFDWG
Bin Discharger w/o Mounting Ring and with Greased Vibrator
17804-SD2′ Bin DischargerPDFDWG
17801-SD3′ Bin DischargerPDFDWG
17799-SD4′ Bin DischargerPDFDWG
17798-SD5′ Bin DischargerPDFDWG
S101Welded Maintenance Slide GatePDFn/a
Bin Discharger with Pre-assembled Mounting Ring and Oil Lubricated Gyrator
17975-SD2′ Bin DischargerPDFDWG
17976-SD3′ Bin DischargerPDFDWG
17977-SD4′ Bin DischargerPDFDWG
17978-SD5′ Bin DischargerPDFDWG
17979-SD6′ Bin DischargerPDFDWG


Equipment Test Video

Bin Activator Bin Discharger Vibrating Silo Cone

Vibrating Tube Feeder / Live Bottom Bin (Bin Activator) Dolomitic Lime (Dolime) Test

2% Moisture added to Dolomitic Limestone. Live Bottom Bin / Tube Feeder Test 2

Product News

Download Properties of Solids Brochure

All material handling systems begin with a thorough review of the particulate solid(s) being handled or processed. Once the flow properties of a solid are quantified, flow problems that occur with a given material can be predicted and handled, preferably in the initial design stage. Understanding a material’s characteristics and how to apply these properties is essential for a safe, efficient and trouble free system.