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Live Bins

Live Bins
Principle of Operation

High-frequency, low-amplitude vibrations are applied to the ENTIRE Live Bin in a horizontal plane, perpendicular to the bin centerline. The integral baffle, which is located in the lower portion of the bin directly above the final outlet, relieves the head load of the material in the bin above. The material is kept in a state of mobility which eliminates arching, bridging and other causes of spasmodic flow.

The Vibra Screw Live Bin is a fully assembles, self-contained, ready-to-operate unit incorporating a vibrated cone bottom and integral baffle. The entire bin and its contents are subjected to controlled vibration generated by a Vibra Screw Gyrator. 

Vibration conditions the material to a uniform bulk density, eliminating arching, bridging and ratholing and preventing material from jamming or compacting at the outlet. 

The Live Bin is designed to provide positive discharge of micron-sized to fibrous and flaky materials on a first-in, first-out basis – assuring mass flow and eliminating material segregation.


Vibra Screw Live Bins may be operated on their own support legs, or can be hung from overhead steel – thus are readily adaptable for scale mounting. They may be used to discharge to any feeder or process line, or whatever a surge or storage bin is called for. They are also highly useful as batching, portable or weigh bins.

Because the design of the Live Bin does not require a flexible sleeve, it is especially suitable for sanitary applications. Overall rugged design and construction assures years of continuous, maintenance-free operation. The factory-assembled Live Bin is ready to incorporate into new or existing installations.

Two Models

Live Bins are available in two basic models in a variety of sizes. The smaller model provides capacities from 3 to 15 ft3 and the larger units, capacities from 25 to 100 ft3.

The smaller Live Bins, available in five sizes, incorporate 20 – 30 inch diameter bins. The larger available in four sizes -incorporate 36 to 60 inch diameter bins.

Live Bins
Live Bins
Live Bins
Live Bins
Live Bins
Live Bins

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