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Bulk Bag Filler

Bulk Bag Filler

Vibra Screw Bulk Bag Fillers insure fast, dust free and precise filling of Bulk Bags. Available in a variety of configurations, this ruggedly constructed filler allows its operators to easily insert, fill and remove bags. From simple volumetric filling to calibrated weighing, the Vibra Screw Bulk Bag Filler is the unit that is custom built for your application.

Bulk Bag Filler
Optional Bag Inflator

Optional Bag Inflator

Optional Dust Evacuation

Optional Dust Evacuation

Gain-In-Weight Batch Controller

Gain-In-Weight Batch Controller

Inflatable Bag Inlet Spout Seal

Inflatable Bag Inlet Spout Seal

Model 1000 Bulk Bag Filler


  • Sturdy welded tubular steel frame
  • One piece fill spout
  • Inflatable inlet spout seal with regulator
  • Vibrating platform for consistent filling
  • Adjustable height bag loop supports
  • Adjustable width bag loop supports
  • Dust connection vent
  • Pallet stops
  • Enamel Paint
  • Custom configurations available

Contact / Frame Materials:

  • Carbon Steel
  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • 316 Stainless Steel


  • Standard: 230-460v TENV motor enclosure
  • Optional: Special motor voltages on request / Pneumatic

Optional Items:

  • Adjustable height frame
  • Load cells with isolation pads
  • Model 920 Batch Controller (for use with load cell package)
  • Partial or fully automated operation
  • Bag inflation system with butterfly valves
  • Inline air filter / regulator with local shutoff valve
  • Dust collection system
  • Pneumatic vibrator
  • Inlet flow control valve
  • Epoxy Paint
System Integration

System Integration


Bulk Bag Fillers
20S136 Bulk Bag Filler PDF DWG


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