High Temperature Gravimetric Screw Feeder

Soda Ash is used as a builder or filler in the formulation of soaps, detergents, and other cleaning compounds. In the glass industry it is used to bring down the melting temperature of silica sand (the main raw material of glass).
In the paper industry, soda ash is used in the preparation of the sodium sulphite buffer liquid used in the pulp manufacturing process.
Soda ash even finds an application in the water treatment segment, by adjusting the pH of water when it is acidic.

The photo is a recent installation of a Vibra Screw Live Bottom Bin and Versi Feeder screw feeder designed to help process soda ash. The equipment is handling 425 degree F soda ash. The flexible connections are made from heat resistant silicone. Required feed rate 12 – 100 ft3/hr.

High Temperature Loss-In-Weight Feeder
High Temperature Loss-In-Weight Feeder