New Bulk Bag Closing Device Stops Flow from Partially Discharged Bags

Vibra Screw, Inc., a leading manufacturer of equipment and systems for precision processing of dry bulk materials, is offering a new bulk bag closing device designed to quickly, safely stop flow from partially discharged bulk bags.The lightweight, pneumatically-operated device uses dual blades vs. pinching devices to more effectively seal the bag opening at the center so the operator can tie it off for removal. Unlike slide gates which push bags off to one side and heavier, more expensive knife gates, butterfly valves or cruder rope closures, the pneumatic device provides a far simpler, safe and dust-free means to seal bags.The sealing device’s quick sealing capability is particularly effective where fluidized dry materials such as calcite, alumina or bentonite are handled, or materials that do not normally have fluid characteristics become fluid after aeration or during discharge from storage. The device is also highly effective in preventing plant humidity from reaching hygroscopic materials during discharge, during the closing procedure or during idle time in the process cycle.Vibra Screw introduced the concept of controlled vibration to condition and drive bulk materials into and through a process more than 40 years ago. Today they manufacture the broadest line of equipment incorporating this feature including bin activators, bulk bag unloaders, volumetric screw and belt feeders, and all types of graimetric feeds, blenders, and controls.