Vibra Screw Bulk Bag Unloaders Provide Accurate, Safe, Dust-Free Handling and Discharge

TOTOWA, NJ — Vibra Screw, Inc., a leader in solids processing and solids handling solutions, offers Bulk Bag Unloaders designed to provide a safe, dust-free and convenient way to handle and discharge bags. With an optional batch weigh design, the Bulk Bag Unloaders feature rugged load cells and easy-to-use electronics that allow the operator to control inventory, monitor bag contents, and accurately batch weigh preset quantities of material.With a wide variety of feed devices and weight control options, Vibra Screw Bulk Bag Unloaders also offer such unique features as a bag support hopper for safe seating and sealing of the bag, standard two-point dust collection, no-spill collection hopper, and a vibration discharge system for difficult to handle materials. Complete systems with integrated feeders feeders and conveyors are also available to control rate and elevate material to a process. As with all Vibra Screw equipment, the Bulk Bag Unloaders are unconditionally guaranteed to perform in the service for which they are sold. With a staff of experienced and talented engineers, technicians and crafts people, Vibra Screw manufactures high quality equipment to store, discharge, meter, convey, size and blend solid materials. The company’s comprehensive product range includes bulk bag unloaders and fillers, volumetric feeders, bin activators, vibrating feeder/conveyors, loss-in-weight feeders, storage pile activators, live bottom bins, live bins, continuous blenders, screeners, controls, and turnkey systems.