Vibra Screw Introduces New Bulk Bag Unloader with Variable Flow Rate

TOTOWA, NJ — Vibra Screw, Inc., a leader in solids processing and solids handling solutions, has introduced a Variable Flow Rate Bulk Bag Unloader designed to provide an efficient and continuous discharge of material from bulk bags with the ability to regulate or stop the flow in accordance with system requirements.The new, patent-pending Unloader provides controlled and variable flow from bulk bags without the need for a separate feeder or conveyor. This substantially reduces cost, overall system height and complication of the design.Two vibrators mounted on opposite sides of the Unloader’s support hopper create movement of material through an integral sealed feed tube. When vibration is stopped, bag discharge and material feed immediately cease without the need for additional valves. During discharge, feed rate can be pre-set to a constant rate or varied with an optional inverter control.The new Bulk Bag Unloader can be run volumetrically or equipped with load cells for precision batching by weight. Bags can be handled with an on board hoist and trolley or the design can be arranged for fork truck unloadingAs with all Vibra Screw equipment, the Variable Flow Rate Bulk Bag Unloader is unconditionally guaranteed to perform in the service for which it is sold. With a staff of experienced and talented engineers, technicians and crafts people, Vibra Screw manufactures high quality equipment to store, discharge, meter, convey, size and blend solid materials. The company’s comprehensive product range includes bulk bag unloaders and fillers, volumetric feeders, bin activators, vibrating feeder/conveyors, loss-in-weight feeders, storage pile activators, live bottom bins, live bins, continuous blenders, screeners, controls, and turnkey systems.