Inconel Bin Discharger

Inconel Bin Discharger

Over our 65 plus years of making Bin Activators we have had the opportunity to work on projects that require special designed Bin Activators for a wide range of industries.
The normal material of construction of a Bin Activator (material contact parts) is carbon steel, 304 or 316 stainless steel, depending the customer’s needs. Special applications over the years required aluminum, titanium and Hastelloy with the occasional abrasion resistant liners made from T-1 AR steel, ceramic tiles (like the space shuttle), Tivar™ UHMW-PE and we even made a fiberglass lined Bin Activator.
In 1978 a customer who handles Chlorinated Dry Bleaches asked Vibra Screw to build eight, 5 ft diameter Bin Activators made out of Inconel 600 which we did. These units have been running without issues for 48 years, but even Inconel is not completely unaffected by the corrosive powder.  Time took its toll on the units and they needed replacing.
The photo shows the first two replacement 5 ft Vibra Screw Bin Activators, made from Inconel 600, with non-Inconel parts epoxy coated.  As we say “Vibra Screw products are Built To Last”.