New Vibrating Bins Publication Available

Totowa, NJ Vibra Screw Inc, the industry leader in bulk solids processing equipment invites you to view our new Vibrating Bins brochure at

Vibrating Bins

The new publication describes Vibra screw Vibrated bins which are self-contained, ready to operate hoppers designed to provide positive discharge of a wide variety of bulk materials.
Two models are available. Live Bottom Bins combine a static upper bin and lower Bin Activator. Vibration isolators and a flexible seal permit free movement of the Bin activator without affecting the static bin. Live Bins are completely vibrated bins. They have no seals and are ideally suited for sanitary applications.
Vibra Screw manufactures high quality equipment to store, discharge, meter, convey, size and blend bulk materials. All equipment comes with a money back guarantee to perform in the service for which it was sold.
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