Vibra Screw Bin Activators, Built To Survive

We were recently contact by a long time customer who is in the process of replacing five storage silos at their plant. These silos were erected in 1981 and they included (5) 10 ft diameter Vibra Screw Bin Activators.
The bins are in pretty bad shape due to 39 years of exposure to the elements. Our customer, thinking that if the bins were in tough shape, that the Bin Activators would also be on the same condition. So they were planning to replace everything is the system.

We visited the site and checked the metal thickness of each Bin Activator body and collection cone for wear using Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Gauge. No wear was found to exist after all these years. The customer has not replaced any parts of the Bin Activators in 39 years. Not going to replace the Bin Activators and we have a happy customer.

Built to Survive