Vibra Screw Heavy Duty Flexible Conveyors

The product of over 50 years experience building feeders, conveyors and Bin Activators for severe duty applications. Vibra Screw’s Flexifeeder line of flexible screw conveyors offers an expanded capability with less frequent maintenance. As with all Vibra Screw products, each Flexifeeder is matched to the individual customer requirement using both the company’s extensive installation data base and complimentary lab testing. The use of controlled vibration at the inlet hopper, eliminates material packing and tunneling and encourages more even loading of the conveying screw. This, along with a simple robust drive system, results in a more uniform repeatable conveying rate and dramatically reduced maintenance. Flexifeeders are available at capacities up to 1500 ft3/hr and single unit conveying lengths of 50′. Flexifeeders can be teamed with Vibra Screw Bulk Bag Unloaders and Vibrated Bins to provide integrated solids handling.