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img-Bin-ActivatorBin Activator

Today’s process industries most often rely on Bin Activators to move dry bulk materials out of storage, on demand. Properly applied, Bin Activators eliminate bridging and ratholing, reduce particle segregation and promote mass flow. They are efficient, convenient and economical and attach to any bin or silo whether new or existing.

img-Bin-DischargerBin Discharger

A line of dependable and economical Bin Dischargers is available to system suppliers and OEM’s from Vibra Screw. Based on over 50 years of bin discharge experience, these units are ruggedly built, simple to install and come with Vibra Screw’s unconditional performance guarantee.

Bin Activator / Bin Discharge Video

Bin Activator Bin Discharger Vibrating Silo Cone