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Spiral Elevating Conveyors lift materials vertically up to 20 ft within a very small area. Material is conveyed solely through the action of twin externally mounted vibrators. There are no internal moving parts to degrade material. Spiral Elevating Conveyors are also useful in material cooling applications due to their long conveying path.


Model No.Throughput Rate(Cu.FT./HR.)F1FHC 
WF 1000/340-U4X6713″22″40″21″
WF 5000/340-U11X6713″22″197″21″
WF 1500/560-U10X14115″30″60″32″
WF 5000/560-U11X14115″35″197″32″
WF 2000/680-U16W24715″35″79″38″
WF 6000/68-U18W28215″38″237″38″
WF 2000/900-U35W45913″22″40″21″
Standard Features:
Vertical Sized:40 Inch – 276 Inch Tray Height (1016mm – 7010 mm Tray Height)
Materials of Construction:Contact surfaces available in Carbon Steel or 304 Stainless steel. Non-Contact carbon steel surfaces sandblasted and painted.
Drive Motors:(2) TENV 230-460/3/60. Ranging from 3/4 HP to 8 HP.
Applications:Verticle conveying, cooling, batching.


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Vibra Screw Spiral Conveyor

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Spiral Feeder
C-270 Polymer Pellets, SF


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Download Properties of Solids Brochure

All material handling systems begin with a thorough review of the particulate solid(s) being handled or processed. Once the flow properties of a solid are quantified, flow problems that occur with a given material can be predicted and handled, preferably in the initial design stage. Understanding a material’s characteristics and how to apply these properties is essential for a safe, efficient and trouble free system.